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Osage Trails Trails Chapter (KC Metro Region)

Three new Master Naturalists complete Capstone project

Three members of the 2023 class have completed their Capstone project! Cheryl Bolton, Ann Greene and Janet Blauvelt removed invasive bush honeysuckle from the old growth area at Hidden Valley Park, working with Linda Lehrbaum of KC Wildlands right before her retirement and resignation on December 31. (KC Wildlands is our partner under Bridging the Gap.)

Greene said of the project, “I have learned so much from this experience!  I had never removed invasives before this project, and I admit, I am now hooked!”

Bolton added, “While we may not have addressed all the invasives in the designated area, we are now attached to this park.  Our goal is to host a workday for other volunteers next fall to get even farther!” The group learned that spring invasive removal was discouraged because of potential damage to Spring Ephemerals, so further work on the area will have to be postponed.

The area addressed by the group began at the second intersection of two trails and included all the area between the two.

Expressing her agreement with the benefits of the project, both individually and for the park, Blauvelt stated that the hours they all spent were inspirational. “I never knew this Park even existed.  You can be sure I will be back many times, both to visit and to work!‚” she gushed.

It was agreed by all that the experience was a great introduction to the joy of volunteering in the outdoors.

Story by Janet Blauvelt

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