Missouri Master Naturalists- Kansas City

Osage Trails Trails Chapter (KC Metro Region)

Chapter Stream Team Conducts Winter Water Monitoring

Story by Jim Hinds
Photos by
Arienne Barnes and Everett Koehn


On February 10, five Osage Trails chapter members and one guest conducted chemical and visual monitoring at our two stream sites.

Geoff Wise, Monica Schroer, Jim Hinds, and Dustin Schroer set up to do chemical testing at Brush Creek

Besides stream veterans Arienne Barnes, Jim Hinds, and Everett Koehn, we were joined by 2023 interns Monica Schroer and Dustin Schroer (no relation!) We also had the assistance of Geoff Wise, a Stream Team volunteer that wanted more practice. 

Brush Creek, upstream of the plaza

Our tests on our Brush Creek, upstream of the Plaza showed plenty of dissolved oxygen, and low nitrates, but the stream bed was coated with silt, although the water itself was clear.

Indian Creek, upstream of 103rd Street

At Indian Creek, upstream from 103rd Street, the site is beautiful and the water crystal clear. However, the east bank of the creek had been cleared of vegetation last year. Also, nitrate levels here were high.

Everett Koehn supervises while Jim Hinds takes water temperature and Dustin Schroer checks water clarity.

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