Missouri Master Naturalists- Kansas City

Osage Trails Trails Chapter (KC Metro Region)

2023 Master Naturalist class

38 Trainees become Osage Trails Interns

By Jim Hinds

A graduation ceremony was held for the 38 members of the class of 2023 on
November 7.
After the students shared their “Ah-ha” moments from the training or what
they plan to do now that they have graduated, a potluck dinner for the new
students and their families was held.
The new Master Naturalist Interns are:
Ann Greene, Brooke Fisher, Carla Dobbins, Cheryl Bolton, Chloe Thomas,
Chris Brown, Connie Campbell, Dan Conge, Darla Burns, David Gardener,
Debbie Coble, Destiny Costley, Dustin Schroer, Elena Payne, Janae Hlavacek,
Janet Blauvelt, John Whiteman, Julie Koppen, Karen Highfill, Kelly Hall,
Kim Lee, Kristy Solocinski, Kristin List, Laura Heinz, Linda Morgan, Lisa Gann,
Lucy Fletcher, Mark Townsend, Melanie Meyers, Moira Waldron, Molly Dillon,
Monica Schroer, Natalie Ison, Sally Urdang, Scott Hatcher, Sherry Pilsl,
Susan Walsh,
and Zach Adams.

Please join me in welcoming these great naturalists into the Osage Trails chapter!
Photo by Ed Beijen

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